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Digital Assets are going to transform the world of business, art and technology, just as the Internet did at the end of the 90s.
Undoubtedly, the Blockchain will revolutionize the financial industry as we know it today, offering a different way to manage assets and money.

The new Digital Assets and MiCA programme from the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies, accredited with 10 hours of CPD will answer all the fundamental questions posed by this new challenge: Is it safe to operate with cryptocurrencies? What do Central Banks have to say? Is there a specific regulation to operate with this type of asset?

We offer an exciting and flexible training programme on a modern platform with recorded lectures taught by professionals of the highest level. Stop being a passive listener and acquire the knowledge to take an active part in the discussion.
Get the 
basics without going into programming or complex explanations. Stay ahead and Prepare yourself to participate in the biggest revolution in the financial sector of the next decade.


The EFFAS Digital Assets and MiCA programme is designed to provide the basic knowledge to face what is probably the biggest revolution in the financial sector of this decade, cryptocurrencies and financial assets represented in blockchain. It also describes what the short- and medium-term prospects are for the evolution of regulation.

At the end of the programme the student will have a knowledge and understanding of:


The EFFAS Digital Assets and MiCA (DiAM) is an international professional certification granted by the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS). It provides and evaluates knowledge in assets based on blockchain technology and the regulatory framework to enable holders to provide clear           investment information and advice. It is structured in 5 modules:

Blockchain Technology; what it is and how it is linked to the crypto world

Modul 1


Blockchain technology has revolutionised the financial industry through a new way of managing assets and money. With this technology, transactions can be automated without the need for an intermediary to act as a trusted third party, as the technology itself performs this function.

Typologies of crypto assets and basic regulation that affects them

Modul 2


The diversity of new digital assets and their potential use redefines the role of banks and investment firms and affects supervisors, regulators and governments, all of whom are facing a far-reaching disruptive process. It is therefore necessary to understand the implications of the regulation for day-to-day business and for investment and financing decisions.

Products and services in the world of crypto assets

Modul 3


The financial industry has begun to increasingly embrace both novel crypto-assets (cryptocurrencies) and the use of the technology on traditional assets that are represented by the technology. This process, called tokenisation, is extremely important to understand the transformation of the traditional financial industry and the potential offered by blockchain and DLT technology.

Regulation and money laundering: the MICA effect and the AML5

Modul 4


Regulation is undoubtedly one of the most important elements, if not the most important, within the financial industry. Several recent developments in the industry, such as PSD2 or MiFID2, have been born out of regulation, generating important changes and adaptations in the industry.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and new trends and investments

Modul 5


Traditional financial assets are created to respond to a series of economic needs: company financing through shares and bonds, liquidity deposits for private investors with a low risk profile, investment funds for the more general client, and derivatives for hedging. In the same way, crypto-assets make it possible to create, in an innovative way, various services that can cover these types of needs.

Download the EFFAS Digital Assets & MiCA Programme Syllabus HERE (PDF)


The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) will grant the DIAM professional certification to candidates who pass EFFA’s certification exam based on the EFFAS examination syllabus.

Digital Assets and Mica Common Exam sessions are organized on a quarterly basis by EFFAS. Eligible candidates must have completed the DIAM Programme, or an equivalent training programme accredited by EFFAS.

The examcan be taken online, is comprised of 30 MCQs and has a duration of 90 minutes. 

Target group

Managers and employees from the following segments
  • Financial Advisors
  • Analysts
  • Compliance Officers
  • Bank Managers
  • Salespeople
  • Finance and Insurance sectors
  • Preparers of Financial reports
  • Legal and technical specialists working in Finance

our DIAM - Experts

Miguel Jaureguizar
Academic Director of the DIAM Programme

Miguel Jaureguízar (Head of Digital Business at Renta 4 Banco) has a long career in financial market management roles.
As a senior partner in consultancy, he has developed several projects and business lines integrating technology into capital markets.
Since 2016 he has led investment activities and been Head of Digital development at Renta 4 Banco, a specialised broker and investment management bank that operates in Spain and Latin America. Mr. Jaureguizar is an advisor to the Board at IEAF, the Spanish financial analysts’ association, where he presides over the IT Committee. He is also a Board Member at ioBuilders, a firm dedicated to the development of blockchain markets. He holds an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and a PGDip in Applied Economics as well as being an EFFAS CESGA Holder.

Other Experts

Maha Al-Saad 
Prof. Dr. Leef H. Dierks
Rubén Nieto
Javier Molina
Alireza Siadat


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Examen Dates
23. September
09. December

Preis: 760 €
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